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We offer personal health care products, medical equipments and surgical

instruments for home and hospitals. We offer great prices and door delivery to your place. CaniplaCare for healthy people, patients, doctors, nursing homes and hospitals.

Our product is comfortable and gives maximum support. The good point is that it is lightweight, and very unobtrusive.Our Products are well attributed in terms of reliability, durability and high performance.Presently,we are dealing in par excellence hospital furniture,scientific and laboratory goods, ophthalmic goods, Surgical goods etc. We are working with highly skilled personnel who are dedicated towards their work. We are striving to provide you utmost level of satisfaction through operose efforts.


1 Syringe 2 ml
2 Syringe 3 ml
3 Syringe 5 ml
4 Syringe 10 ml
5 Mask,Tie And Loop 2 ply
6 Mask,Tie And Loop 3 ply
7 Cotton 50 gm
8 Cotton 75 gm
9 Cotton 100 gm
10 Sterile Surgical Gloves
11 Latex with powder gloves
12 Latex without powder gloves
13 Non Sterile Examination Gloves
14 Nitrile Gloves
15 Surgical Micro Surgery Gloves
16 Orthopaedic Surgery Gloves
17 Gynaecologist Gloves
18 Sterile Container
19 IV Set
20 IV Cannula
21 Urobag
22 Surgeon Cap
23 Bouffant Cap